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_nascar-nscs15-gordon-second-daytona-win-99-922Happy Daytona 500 Day to all fans!!! As long as I can remember, this has been a big day for this fan. There have been ups and downs for everyone, drivers and fans alike, in the 56 previous years.

Ups for this year is Jeff Gordon qualifying on the pole in his last race year; Hendrick Motorsports start one, two, three; and finally the race season is starting!!! There are downs, too, depending on your point of view, starting with Kyle Busch breaking both legs and missing the race. I am not a Kyle Busch fan. I always root for him to crash or for someone else, anyone else, to beat him. But I never want someone to get hurt in a crash and I send prayers for his recovery. You will be missed in the big race today.

There is another down for the race this year and it is a cause I speak on frequently; domestic abuse. As the victim of spousal abuse, I feel very qualified to speak on it. As a former law enforcement officer, I worked thousands of cases of domestic abuse. But I will surprise you on my take on the Kurt Busch suspension from NASCAR and missing the 500.

My opinion is Miss Patricia Driscoll was looking for her 15 minutes of fame when she went on several news shows this week during Daytona Speed Weeks. She got her name out there and in the process disparaged the sport. Kurt’s brother took the spotlight off the story when he crashed and is now out of the big race also. Thank you, Kyle, but I wish it had been a different way for both of you. In America, we have a saying, “innocent until proven guilty”. This incident that Busch was suspended for happened in Dover, DE last year. Busch was not charged in that incident. Miss Driscoll then pushed the issue by obtaining a restraining order against Busch and going public with her side of the story. Well Miss Driscoll, I have interviewed many women like you. I don’t believe your story. You went to his motorcoach and entered it without being invited so in my opinion, you started the incident.

Believe it or not, sometimes women start the incidents. They push the man to his breaking point and then cry for help when the man crosses the line. Busch was not charged so it would appear Miss Driscoll was the aggressor. Her actions this week also lead me to believe she is after something and it isn’t justice. She is looking for money and fame. Sorry, Honey, you get no sympathy from this woman. You are one of those women who give all women a bad name. You are the one who keeps those involved in real domestic abuse cases afraid to speak out and keeps them in the cycle. You are taking advantage of a real problem just to get your 15 minutes of fame. I hope you choke on it.

NASCAR official, I can’t believe you suspended Busch until the case is resolved in the courts. The man is innocent until proven guilty. Let the case play out before making your ruling. You may be giving NASCAR a black eye. I am not a fan of either Busch brother but Kurt should not be suspended, at least not yet.

What can put this race back on happy footing today? I am pulling for someone who has never won this race before. I want Tony Stewart to win. Stewart is the new Dale Earnhart as a man who has done everything else in NASCAR but not the 500. Go, Tony!!