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I finished my third novel and started looking for a Literary Agent to represent it. What a daunting task! If you thought it was hard to write an entire novel, just wait until you start this process. I believe this is why there has been a sharp increase in self-publishing. It cost you money but it is a short cut to having very own book in your hand.

My first two novels were self-published. This time I decided to try the more conventional approach. There is so much to research; like where to find Literary Agents who represent your genre, knowing what your genre is, how they want you to send them material, a hook to get them interested, and of course, the biggie the Query Letter.

I say daunting but it’s not impossible. Thank goodness for the internet. Do your research there to put your presentation together. (How did our favorite authors prior to the turn of the century do this?) There are quite a few good writer’s websites that will have most of what you need. Check out Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Market, and Agent Query. These sites will give insight to each part of the process and they offer great writing seminars and courses. I am also using a web course called Get A Book Deal 101. Excellent and money well spent.

I hope more of you who are sitting on the fence as whether to self-publish or use an agent will check these out and attempt to go the more conventional route. I have been asked to review too many bad self-published works. While I won’t tell anyone not to put that on paper, those reviews never end up in my blog. At least with an agent, someone should have helped you make a much better story and do a real professional editing job.

Daunting, yes; but so worth the extra work.