Here is a New Years wish to everyone out there: May love find you and put warmth into your year. I don’t mean a new human love, necessarily. It could be a great romance book that warms your heart. It could be a new animal that gives you a warm lick.

Romance means different things to each of us. What screams romance to you may leave me flat. That is why there are so many romance novels and poems out there. We sometimes forget that when reviewing other writers works. The romance works for me but it doesn’t work for you. However, there are lots of readers out there where it works so it is up to the writer to find those followers. It is also up to the reviewer to remember it is still a good story even if it wasn’t the type of romance the reviewer likes.

Most of us who write romance also read romance. But when I have read every Nora Roberts book, I have to find a new author that stirs me with the same emotions as Nora. Not an easy thing but they are out there. My Grandmother couldn’t get enough of Fern Michaels, yet I could never get into her books. Both authors are best sellers, yet what inspires one doesn’t inspire another.

What I am trying to point out is that a bad review from one doesn’t mean the book is bad; it just wasn’t that reviewers cup of tea. It is hard as writers to remember this as we seem to have fragile egos. Take a bad review as one persons opinion on one given day and go on to the next. Someone out there is going to love it, hopefully.

So hug a new puppy or kitten. Pick up a novel by a new author. Take a better look at those around you. You may find a new love is right around the corner this New Year.