I recently started tweeting. I’m connected to literary agents, publishers, fellow authors, and most anyone who likes what I tweet. The people you follow can send direct messages which is cool, especially when it is a literary agent talking about the manuscript you are sending to them. The whole Twitter experience is great for quick interaction with a variety of people. It also gives me a place to promote my books.

Unfortunately, predators also troll through Twitter. I have had an experience with one of those this weekend.

I received a direct message from someone offering website design. Most of these types of adds I just thank them for thinking of me and if I decide to use that service, I’ll contact them in the future. I wish I had with this one.

My website, even my WordPress one, is still daunting to get everything where I want it and work the way I want it. So when I received an offer to work on my website, I took it. BIG Mistake. Fortunately, no money ever exchanged hands. But I woke up this morning to find this person hijacked the entire site and deleted all my content, adding his own. I have worked all morning attempting to fix my website with what little knowledge I have. I apologize for any blog posts that have come to you in the last twenty-four hours. They did not come from me. I’ll get them taken down as soon as I figure out how.

I hope this person didn’t change the blogs I follow. Some of you I could not live without reading every post (Opinionate Man). Jason, I may have to hire you to fix this!!

Now I have a new password and I hope all is back in order. I’ve lost all my past blog postings. Some I have stored in Word on my computer, but most were typed directly into WordPress. I’ll not do that again. I will probably expose the person in the future; I want input from WP first. I hope my fans will still follow me. Thanks.