Dressage Chronicles

Published by Deeds Publishing 2013
Five Stars

I found this novel through my mentor, Kathy Ver Eeck. We were discussing comparison titles for the manuscript I am currently querying. She asked if I had ever read these. Because of the title I had to find out more. What I discovered is a wonderful trip through the world of dressage written by a fellow competitor who has made the journey. This novel is the first in a series; Ms. Goldrick is about to take you on the journey that is the Art of Dressage.
“I’d rather have a horse in my barn that a man in my bed.” The opening line tells you what many girls think about the horses they love. Lizzy knows where her heart lies and it takes her on the trip of a lifetime. She loads up her horse and travels from her home to the winter capital of the horse world, Wellington, Florida.
Many young girls start out this way. Indeed, I remember my father telling me, “You’ll outgrow the horse thing, and then you’ll wish you found a real job.” In my case he was wrong, and in The Dressage Chronicles, Lizzy knows her detractors are wrong too.
From day one through the winter show season, Lizzy is on the journey of a lifetime. As a humble groom, she is learning about different types of people; some not so nice, and some genuine souls. She is learning that it takes hard work plus a little talent – but mostly hard work – to make it in the dressage world. Fortunately, she understands the hard work and applies herself despite the negative personalities around her. Perhaps because the horse world is a small world, the people she meets are more diverse in personalities than one usually finds within their world. Lizzy will meet them all; an education she’d never find on a college campus.
If you, as a reader, like fast-paced action and suspense novels, this is not for you. This novel is about the journey that learning the art of dressage can be. It is learning the personalities of the horses as well as the humans. It is learning how to deal with those personalities. The author wraps all this up in a neat bow. She shows you the emotion of these people. She makes you feel the sweat that goes into preparing for the show ring as well as the tears provided by one judge’s opinion on that day.
This story is one young woman’s journey on the road of life. There are ups and downs, joys and defeats, along the road. If you love horses and have taken this journey, you will love this book. It is a true representation as to what life is like on the road to dressage greatness. I can’t wait to start the next novel to see where dressage life will take Lizzy.