I entered one of my short stories in the Readers Choice contest at Short Fiction Break magazine. The magazine is online. Today is the last day for readers to vote on their choice for best story and I’d love it if each of you who read my column would go vote for my story, The Monster Who Stalks Her.

The direct link to the story is: https://shortfictionbreak.com/a-monster-stalks-her/ https://shortfictionbreak.com/?p=13344

I hope you will go read the story and vote for it. While you are there, please read some of the other stories as there are some pretty good pieces here. Once the contest is over, I’ll be able to post the story but that won’t be until around the first of November as it is part of a larger contest sponsored by The Write Practice.

Thank you, everyone, for your vote. I’m hoping the short story does well so I can use it to promote the novel I’m currently querying for traditional publishing. The short story is the prequel for the full-length novel.

Today is the LAST day so please go VOTE!