Review of RUNAWAY CHOICES by Eisley Jacobs
A Christian Speculative Fiction Romance
Published 2012 Amazon Digital Services LLC
Recommendation: Five Stars

This is the first novel I can honestly say; I found it hard to put down. The story is compelling, but also it is a non-stop thrill ride. Every paragraph is action filled, and you never get a moment to take a breath much less put it down to do something else. I have never read so much action; it is just one inciteful event after another.
I selected the novel as the Christian Speculative Fiction idea intrigued me. I wasn’t sure how Christian and Speculative Fiction could go together. Miss Jacobs weaves them wonderfully.
The main character, Beck, is wonderfully fraud. As she overcomes her past issues, you can begin to like and root for her. The object of her affection, Colin, is a dream character; though you see even good characters sometimes let us down.
Personally, I am not a fan of the first-person point of view but seeing it through Beck’s eyes is what keeps the action moving. This is an Indie-published work and I found the story extremely well written and expertly edited. It is refreshing to read a self-pub so well edited and formatted.
If you want non-stop action, I highly recommend reading this. It will make you see things a bit differently and hope we all have a guardian angel looking out for us!