It has been a while since I’ve been on this site. I’ve been busy writing, editing, querying, revising, editing, querying, editing — well you get the idea. It’s a process that all novelist go through. But at the end of the process, a publishing company decides they love the manuscript and decide to publish it. My latest finished manuscript has been contracted for publication by Champagne Book Group! I am excited to work with Cassie Knight, etal, on this book. As I go through the pre-publishing process, I’ll share it with you. Hopefully soon I can share the book cover and finished title.

The title, subject to change per editors, is Running With Horses. Set in the horse world of Wellington, FL, an aspiring dressage trainer is in hiding from a mysterious stalker. She’s using an alias to cover her identity in hopes of finally getting free of the fear. But when she meets and falls in love with a handsome veterinarian, it’s the lies she’s weaved that could derail the relationship. Especially when a murder occurs in this tranquil place and she is the lead suspect. Nothing good ever comes from lying. Telling the truth could alert the stalker to her new location. But telling the truth and facing the fear may be what brings the two together.

Tentatively, the novel will be out later this year. I plan to bring updates as I get them. Also, there are two new manuscripts in the process of being written. Stay tuned for more on those!